Areas of Speciality:
Trauma and PTSD, anxiety, depression, relationship issues, life transitions, military and veteran community

Individual and Group Therapy:

The underlying goal of therapy is to help the client live a more fulfilling life. I view therapy as an active process between client and therapist. Within the safe and compassionate environment of the therapeutic relationship, new perspectives on life’s challenges and the ability to make healthier choices emerge.  I take an integrative approach that draws on traditional psychodynamic and cognitive interventions, mindfulness practices, and somatic psychotherapy to meet the individual needs of each client.

My private practice is located in West Los Angeles conveniently close to the 10 freeway.  Schedule your free phone consultation here.

Somatic Therapy:

Somatic Psychotherapy is a comprehensive approach to mental wellness that views the mind and body as a whole.   It is informed by the intersection of current neuroscience and trauma research, and addresses psychobiological stress patternsIt is based on the idea that the self is embodied in the billions of neural pathways that run bi-directionally throughout our body, viscera and brain.

When overwhelming stress and/or trauma disrupts the synchronicity of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) we lose the ability to manage our perceptions.  Left unprocessed, an overwhelmed nervous system may lead to a myriad of physical, cognitive, emotional, or behavioral symptoms.

Somatic Therapy integrates body-oriented processing with talk therapy to help process and discharge unresolved trauma.  It directly addresses chronic tension patterns and unconscious behavioral responses that indicate where a client might be stuck in fight, flight, freeze, or collapse. 

Somatic therapy helps clients learn to track their sensory experiences and locate resources or sources of safety, grounding, centering, strength, calm and/or peace.  It helps restore balance to the whole system. 

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